Ok, so getting started……

….after hours of procrastination over themes and pictures!  This will be a kick in the pants for me (I hope) about things like procrastinating and fear of not being perfect, so therefore not getting started at all!

I’m married to a wonderful yummy man and we have an 18 month old daughter who is the light (and challenge at times!) of our lives.  Cheeky, smart, inquisitive and funny – our little parrot!

We have another sweetheart due in early March, 2012…. so it’s going to be a journey!

Currently working as a nurse in a busy Brisbane hospital…. counting down the days until I finish…

Here’s to keeping up with my ‘Documenting Delight, 2012’ project… an inspiring gauntlet laid down by the gorgeous Georgia over at Gregarious Peach!  The concept is to take a photo of something that inspires/moves/amazes you each day for the 366 days of 2012, particularly of your children if you have them.

Here’s wishing everyone an amazing 2012, full of delight, love and learning.  Karen x


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