Lucky she is cute!!

Saturday 28th January…

I really have so much to be grateful for today… not one, but two lovely family catch ups, a great acupuncture session (loooooong overdue) and my husband and mum-in-law just did the washing up!  Yet, I am still feeling blah!

Had a lot of trouble deciding on a pic for today…. I think in finding the energy to journal about it too….

Little one, I woke to you sitting up in the bed saying “everybody here!” – meaning you, Dadda and I…♥ Your Granny Chris is borrowing your bed while she stays so you are in with us for a bit.  I slept most of the night on the king single on the floor and you with Dadda…but when I got up to go to the toilet at 5am you were lying horizontally across the bed on the pillows with your feet in Daddy’s back!  Daddy was asleep, but clinging to the edge of the bed!!  So I got in and snuggled you up to me… which Mummy liked a bit 😉 and you seemed to like too…  We had a lovely morning – we made a smoothie and then went to Dondy and PaRoy’s for brekky.  Mumma went from there to an acupuncture appt with Uncle PK… and when I came home I hoped you’d be sound asleep so I could climb in with you…. but I could hear you talking and crying a bit.  Granny Chris told me Daddy had been trying to get you to sleep for an hour and a half!!  I came in and lay down with you, but after another half an hour we gave up…. so the pic above was taken just after we got up again… your eyes look so tired to Mama, but you were demanding to look at “photo o’ Ruby” on Granny Chris’ laptop….

We had a really nice evening at Aunty Mel & Uncle Chris’ house… you played with your cousins and we had fish and chips for dinner 🙂  Dinner time was like feeding time at the zoo!!

So a day of challenges and delights, you’re lucky you’re cute!

You crashed out in about 5 minutes tonight… Mama’s joining you soooooon!  xox


Daddy’s girl

Friday 27th January…

We had an appointment with midwife at the birth centre this morning.  I am enjoying going there and the three midwives we have been allocated are lovely.  Not quite the same continuity of care as having the one midwife you’ve chosen throughout your pregnancy and birth, but pretty good really on the continuity front.  All was well 🙂

Ruby stayed home with her “Ganny Kiss” and I don’t think missed us at all!

Honeypie (we really do call you a multitude of pet names don’t we?!), when we got home from our midwife appointment today you ran to the door shouting “Mummeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Daddeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!” with a big smile on your face… we could have melted!

We lay down for our daytime sleep and it was delicious as I had the fan on and you were very snuggly.  I tried to get up several times as I was busting to go to the loo and your baby brother/sister was getting higher and higher under my ribs!  Everytime I tried to get up though you’d snuggle in a bit more…. sigghhh, bliss.  Eventually I had to get up and managed to extricate myself.  I left the door open as we’d been asleep for almost three hours!  Your Dadda saw his opening and crept in and lay down to look at you, you sleeping angel.  I love that he wants to do such things. I love the relationship that you have with each other, so precious.

We took Granny Chris for lunch at the sushi train after our sleep… you loved that 🙂 And you got more than your fair share of my boost juice as usual!!  Mummy’s a soft touch, huh?!  xox


Flower girl.

Thursday 26th January…

MMMmmmm… posting this on the 27th and struggling to cast my mind back to yesterday morning!  We had a quiet morning around home… Anton home because of the Australia Day public holiday which was nice… oh and we had yummy bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Rubes was a little out of sorts, a bit grizzly and saying no a lot :-/

Ruby and I lay down for our middle of the day nap and when we woke up, Anton’s Mum, Ruby’s Granny Chris was here!

Munchkin, I had hopped up a little before you and when you woke, Daddy went in to get you and you came out and spotted Granny Chris (Ganny Kiss) and stood there looking coy for a while.  You were more than happy to be left with her though when Daddy dropped Mummy to work about half an hour later!  The undivided attention of Grandmas is a wonderful thing!

While Mumma was at work you took Daddy and Granny Chris on a walk around the block.  Dadda took this pic on the bikepath out the back.  I love the pinks and greens. I love your dear little hand with the frangi.  I love that you look like you’re about to leap up and say “let me at the world!’.

Keep exploring and discovering, the world’s your oyster, our sweetpea! xxx

Rain, a well behaved placenta and Ikea!

Wednesday 25th January….

Well, so it rained a lot this morning…. soaking rain.  I love it and am appreciating the cool change.  Not so great for those getting flooded or evacuated 😦

‘Well behaved placenta’ you ask??  At the 19 week scan with ‘Vonu’ they said our placenta was a wee bit close to my cervix and needed to move away.  We had follow up scan today at 34 weeks and it’s well away now.  I could have told them this.  I just knew that it had moved… but in their clinical world, Mama’s intuition doesn’t count for much unfortunately!  Apparently bub is the same size now, at 34 weeks that Ruby was at 38 weeks when she arrived… I have been telling people this too!!  I know it’s only a guesstimate really though and no-one can accurately tell the size of a baby until they’re out and about!!

After sleeps and lunch today I suggested to my husband that a trip to Ikea to get a bookshelf for Ruby’s room (plus a few other things) might be an idea…. and to my surprise, he agreed!!!  Oh happy days….  what is it about Ikea??? Especially for we women anyway?!  Ruby thought it was great!

So, possibly despite Daddy’s better judgment, we made a trip to Ikea this afternoon!  You thought it was wonderful, all the space and things to look at.  Even things to play with… they sure cater to little ones like you well!  (We are trying to discourage you from running off at the moment… it’s hard because often your joy is palpable when you are excited and do it, but there are times when it is not safe and we REALLY need you to learn to stop when we say “stop!”).  You were happy in the trolley for the most part and somehow the bag kept filling with things for Ruby that we didn’t realise you needed 🙂  You thought the mirror section was great and posed and pulled funny faces at yourself!

Your language skills are taking another jump at the moment and you’re not only repeating all the multi syllable words you love, but you are stringing sentences together (“I like this one” – bringing me a book) and using words at times that astound Daddy and I… like at Ikea when Daddy put you in a chair and pulled a cover over you, you told us “Ruby disappear!”  Your memory for songs, rhymes and stories you like is amazing too.

You are a clever little munchkin!  Your Granny Chris arrives tomorrow for a few days with us (you!) and it will be so nice for you two to have time together 🙂

Sweet dreams sleeping angel, see you in the morning xox

Trumpet nose!

Tuesday 24th January…

Quiet day at home with Rubes in the morning, due to the large amounts of water falling from the sky…  Cracked out the In The Night Garden activity book I’d bought whilst shopping yesterday…that was a winner!  Especially because it had stickers!

Then I worked in the evening (5th last shift….) and hoped Anton would take some photos of Rubes, because I’d only taken a couple… he took the hint of the camera on the bench 🙂

When we were shopping yesterday you grabbed your nose and said “Honk honk! Daddy tumpet nose in a sower!” and then giggled away!  It was funny 🙂  And you’re right, Daddy does sometimes do a very loud trumpet nose in the shower!  He once blew his nose near you when you were a little baby and your dear face crumpled and you cried…. daddy had to give lots of cuddles to make that one up 🙂   When Daddy was feeding you dinner you told him the same thing about his trumpet nose, cheeky monkey!

Over your shoulder is the poster that was in your activity book… for some reason you’ve been asking for ‘tuddles’ a lot to get you up to the level where you can see it… hmmmm, smarty girl!

Smart, cheeky & smoochable, that’s you, Rubyroo!

Toddlers, toddlers everywhere!!

Monday January 23rd…

Ruby and I had a lovely day together today…. I just took very few pics!  Ruby’s funny now, she will not pose or sit still for pics, but always demands to see them if I do take one and will sit for ages at the computer looking at pictures of herself, or Anton and I.

Cheekychops, today we went back to the library to get you some new books (“stawies”) to read and to go to the toddler rhymes session.  Today Dondy came along and so did Aunty Meli, T & Moo.  Mummy’s friend G was also there with her little girl, C.  That’s you standing on the orange cushion, clutching your Seedseed and C and Moo are with you.  You all look very serious in this pic, but you had (along with many of the others kids there) been making your way all over the room checking people out and dancing and clapping.  C found that doll when we first got there and would not let go of it!  Moo kept staring at people and you did your usual dance and show your undies off in the middle routine 😉

You gave Mumma and Dondy a fright at the library when we looked away for a minute and you ran off, thank goodness you hadn’t actually gone out the doors.  I think the library lady though we were very neglectful 😦  She doesn’t know you and how cheeky you are or how fast you move (or many toddlers move!).

We did some groceries this afternoon and you happily sat and chatted to Mummy the whole way around.  A few hot chippies stashed in the shopping bag may have helped that…. shhhhh……

We had a lovely shower together after your dinner… although insisting Mummy sit on the floor of the shower with you is frought with danger from now on… I don’t think you’re strng enough to help me up somehow and there were a few moments there where I wondered whether I would just have to stay on the floor until Daddy got home to help me!

See you in the morning my munchkin xox

Incy Wincy…

Sunday 22nd January…

My darling Mum actually stayed the night with Ruby in her bed so that Anton and I could have a good sleep and actually sleep in the same bed… it was nice to have a snuggle 😉  Mum whisked Ruby off to her place at about 530 so we could sleep in too!!

Little one, I think when we got to Dondy & PaRoy’s house to pick you up this morning about 9, you were already tired…. having been up since 5!  We were trying to get a family pic with you on the climbing frame, but you were really not keen.  I was trying to get you to do Incy Wincy spider here, which you usually do readily, but I think you were just thinking, c’mon, let’s go people!!  And also wondering what your Pa was doing dancing around in his lycra bike shorts… heeheee….

We headed out for breakfast, which you loved as the cafe had a kiddy play area and they catered to our gluten & dairy free needs no probs!  (The Hutch Bistro)  You gobbled up your eggies and bacon very fast.  Then it was home for a snuggly sleep (Yum!) with me before I had to head off to work (not so yum).

You’re fast asleep in bed now with your Dadda… I crept in before and kissed your little knees…. so sweet you are….

“Sweet, sweet, sweet
The way you make me feel
Sweet, sweet, sweet
I can’t believe you’re real”

– Lamb “Sweet”

Love you little one, Mama xxx


Darling Dondy! & Expansion update…

Saturday 21st January….

After Ruby and my midday sleep I headed to Chermside for some time to myself!  I’m sure it’s patently obvious that I adore my husband and daughter, but I am acutely aware that with bub number two’s impending arrival that time to myself is going to be a rarity…  I had some lunch at a cafe, bought some shoes, and an engagement present and just had a little wander around.  It was nice 🙂

Saturday evening we had the engagement party of Anton’s gorgeous baby cousin J, to her long time beau, B.  They’re a beautiful couple and it was lovely to be able to celebrate with them.

Rubyroo, as Mummy and Dadda were off out to Aunty J & Uncle B’s engagement party for the night, your Dondy came to put you to bed and stay with you.  You barely even gave us a backward glance as Dondy read you stories and gave you your nightly bottle.  We are so grateful that you have such a special bond with her and obviously feel so secure in her arms and company.  Dondy is pretty smitten with you and I’m not sure you could do ANYTHING to taint that 🙂  In case you wonder one day where ‘Dondy’ came from, well that’s what you started calling her… We were referring to her as Gran Sonny, but you said Dondy… and we all thought that was pretty cute!  Sometimes now you also say “Gran Sonny” and sometimes “Dondy Sondy”…

I hope that I can be to you, the wonderful mum that Dondy has been to me and the amazing daughter to her, that she is to her Mum.

I love watching your relationship with your Dondy grow and blssom, it’s so precious! xx

This is the bump (nicknamed ‘Vonu’) at just over 33 weeks!  I feel so big, I’m SURE I am bigger than I was full term with Ruby…. but then she was tiny and frank breech, so…..    We took quite some time to fall pregnant with Ruby, almost two years.  We  tried to fall pregnant to no avail and went on our honeymoon thinking we were coming back to start fertility treatment… and were blessed to find out that we had fallen pregnant naturally whilst away!  This second bub came to us much more quickly and were a little shocked, but so grateful.  Both times the significant factors (other than the obvious!!!) were a tropical island holiday and a few gin & tonics!!

Ruby was born at home, which was wonderful.  This time we will be birthing at the RBWH Birth Centre and are looking forward to that experience.

Bub is wriggling away now, such an amazing thing to experience!!

Unky Monkey…

I know it’s the 21st, but here’s the blog post for the 20th!  I did a late shift last night and worked in a busy area and was so completely knackered by the end of my shift that I had no energy for anything by the time I got home!  It was actually quite a good shift, working with a funny and very experienced ED (ER for those in US) nurse.

I didn’t take many pics myself yesterday (but I did achieve some domestic Goddess duties!), so when I recharged my phone after I got home from work last night and found this gem that Mum had taken and sent me, I almost cried (well, ok, I did cry, but I’m pregnant, I’m allowed!)….

Cheeky-chops, here you are with your Unky G, sometimes known as your Unky Monkey when he is acting the fool to make you laugh.  Dondy took this photo when you were at their house yesterday afternoon and Unky G dropped in for a while.  G is Mumma’s younger brother and you already have a very special relationship with him, which makes my heart sing.  He is an amazing man and you will learn a lot from him throughout your life and get a lot of love from him too!  Unky G is looking like the labourer here as he is renovating a house (as well as working full time).  He also has a double degree and has done all sorts of interesting jobs through out his work life so far!  He speaks Japanese and plays music by ear which makes Mummy green with envy 🙂  Hopefully you can learn these things from him!  Unky G is married to your gorgeous Aunty ‘frie’ and has a beautiful boy, A, who is just a few months older than you.  A is a lot bigger than you though and Unky G is always exclaiming over how dainty you are!  You know, I think it was Unky G, being a monkey, that made you giggle your first proper giggle when you were about 5 months old.  it was delightful and infectious to listen too. He will make you laugh a whole lot more over the years to come and would be there for you in a second if you needed it.  We are very lucky to have him in our lives…. and the best bit is that by April, G and his fam will be living about 50 mtrs away!!!  Yippeeeeeee!

You ordered Mummy out of bed at 7 this morning after I only got to sleep about 230, I’m going to need that nap with you today!!!

Smooches, Mama xxxx

4 generations…

Ruby and I went with Mum this afternoon, to visit her Mum in the nursing home… 4 generations of us together.   Grandma won’t remember now, but she enjoyed the visit at the time.  And Ruby probably won’t either…. But, my mum (aka Dondy) will remember and that’s the important bit for me (aside from Grandma not being alone!).

Not fab photos today, but it’s about what you’re capturing isn’t it?  Ruby wouldn’t sit still for long and Great Grandma has never been good at smiling for pics 🙂

Miss Rubes, today we went with your Dondy to visit Great Grandma G at her nursing home.  Great Grandma is Dondy’s Mum and Mummy’s Grandma… is that confusing?!  You are a lucky little girl as you still have 3 great grandmas and 1 great grandpa.  Great Grandma G lives in a special home because her brain has become very fuzzy because of a yucky disease called Alzheimers.  Something a little girl like you need not worry about just yet!  She loved your visit though and found you very entertaining.  You were mostly keen on Dondy giving you rides around the place on Great Grandma’s wheely walker!

I think it was very nice for your lovely Dondy to have you there too, a good balance and reminder of the cycles of life for we grown ups.

So much life ahead of you my gorgeous girl… thank you for sharing it with me xox