Hello 2012!

So fiddling around with my blog meant I have made it to midnight!  Man and bub asleep in the family bed and I’m sitting here listening to cheers and fireworks around the suburb!

Hello 2012!

My ‘things’ for 2012 are (in no particular order):

  • Walk 3 days a week
  • Take piccie of Rubes each day
  • Maintain this blog!
  • Get a dishwasher installed
  • Keep dining table clear of clutter
  • Master babywearing with ‘Vonu’ when he’she arrives in March (maybe Feb?!)
  • Journal (whether it’s here or privately)
  • Play more music
  • Sing more
  • Regular dates with Anton
  • Get Ruby into her own room/bed (even if it means one of us sleeps there with her)
  • Chew my food!

I’m sure there’s more, but I have to go to bed!

Night x


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