January 3rd, 2012

Day 3 of this new year…

I’ve managed to choose just one pic today, mainly because I only took a few!

Angelface, today has been a day of cooking and cuddles and fave stories over and over…and over… and more bruises on your shins and several decent head knocks and wee on the couch… Your beloved Dondy & PaRoy visited today too, which was a hit!  You even distracted Pa from the cricket which is an achievement 😉

We got the crayons, pencils and even some felt pens out and you drew for a while.  You LOVE stickers at the moment and were pulling them on and off the paper… and your hands and Mummy’s hands and Dadda’s hands and the table and the carpet and….. 🙂

I love watching you do artwork and am disgustingly proud of your squiggles and lines.  I so want you to find your creative side and never be anyone else’s artist but your own.  I wish wish wish I had channeled mine more and want to start doing so, to set a good example to you!

You light up my world Rubyroo, xxx


7 thoughts on “January 3rd, 2012

  1. Great insight into what we mothers would consider a normal even boring day. But if you really look, you get to see what you saw in your precious little girl today! I love the drawing, my boys aren’t into that much.

  2. I noticed her eyelashes first up too 🙂 Ruby is just so gorgeous, and what a wonderful gift this will be for her – imagine how much she’ll love this journal you are creating one day, especially if she becomes a mum herself. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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