January 4th, 2012

We had a rough night with you our girl…. not sure why… maybe Mama was silly thinking your touchy tum would cope with the little bit of garlic and onion in the ready made stock….  All 3 of us pretty exhausted today!

Dondy, PaRoy and cousin A came by this morning which was lovely.  You and A are so cute together!  You were so happy to see one another and gave each other adorable little smiles 🙂

We went outside to hang out the washing and it was lovely out there with the breeze.  I turned the hose on a little for you and you had a ball.  Your shirt was dripping, but you loved it… and I don’t know how many litres of water you drank through the hose!!  I remember doing that as a kid though… enjoying drinking from the hose or straight from the tap.  You weren’t very happy with me when I decided it was time to come back inside.  Meany Mama!  You are a little water baby, you love ‘fwimming’ and splashing!

Here’s to a good night’s sleep for us all! xxx


12 thoughts on “January 4th, 2012

    • Thanks you… last night was still pretty shite… ah well, Pa Roy is here today putting up blind in Ruby’s room so we can start the transition into there! At least that way one member of the family can have a good night’s sleep!!

  1. Aah…I thought for a brief moment that I was back in my own childhood in the 70’s! Technology (gizmos and gadgets) is a necessity these days but outdoor playing and exploring is a child’s right! Lucky Ruby!

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