January 6th, 2012

A day of ups and downs…

The night went ok…. Anton says Ruby stirred and cried a few times, but settled well for him.  Keen to see Mummy this morning and had a brief snuggle in bed before that was too ‘slow’ for Ruby!  Once A left for work though, Mummy couldn’t do much right… Ruby was getting frustrated with EVERYTHING and I wasn’t allowed to help 😦

I decided that a trip to the library was a good idea and distraction for us both.  I was right, we lucked into a toddler rhymes session with a friend and her little girl AND beloved Dondy met us for a play and a coffee.  Ruby was quite amusing at the rhymes session… standing in the middle of everything, taking it all in and then starting to do her funny little dance which we think is adorable, but is certainly a style of her own!

I struggled to choose just one pic today (what’s new) as I took a couple outside playing with the hose (onto a winner) where I had actually fiddled with settings and thought some were a little arty (for me!)…. but I decided on the below…. it kind of fit with the sleeping theme at our house at the moment.

Beautiful girl, look at you, you sleeping angel!  This is why, depsite almost two years of broken sleep, I have mostly loved bedsharing with you.  This is what is before my eyes when I open them.  And your silky skin is right there for me to stroke and touch.  If only your sleep was always this peaceful though!  Tonight as I lay with you whilst you went to sleep you put my hand on your bottom and said “dat one”… meaning I had to pat it.  Then once patted enough, you took my hand and wrapped it around your side.  Your Daddy and I will never deny you that security if you need and we can possibly be there, I promise!

“Who’ll be my love
You’ll be my love
You’ll be my sky above
Who’ll be my light
You’ll be my light
You’ll be my day and night….”

(Cat Stevens – Rubylove)

Mama xx


6 thoughts on “January 6th, 2012

  1. SUCH a beautiful post and beautiful picture. Isn’t it funny, no matter how hard a day you’ve had with them, you look at them sleeping and your heart just breaks with love. So precious, innocent and sweet.

    • Thank you 🙂 Yes, a sleeping baby/child is a wondrous thing! I don’t know how many times I’ve wished Rubes would go to sleep so I could get on with…. whatever, but then once she is asleep, all I have wanted to do was stay and look at her 🙂

      • Oh Lord I could have written that word for word… I don’t even have to change the name!
        What a gorgeous thing she is. All the best for tonight. x

  2. I agree, that last feed before putting my little fella down for bed is the best one of the day, just cuddling and breathing in his sleepy baby smell just makes me thank my lucky stars to have him in my life – no matter what kind of day we’ve had.
    Ruby looks so peaceful, sweet dreams little one 🙂

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