January 7th, 2012

Almost midnight and just getting to my post!  I went out in Fortitude Valley for a Hens night…. have decided Ruby is going into a boarding school in the middle of nowhere until she’s 25!!!!  I’m sure my skirts were NEVER that short or heels that high!

Today’s pic is not great quality, but it’s the moment in this one for me….

Ah, the excitement! Waving around in your little right hand is a bottle of nail polish!  I wish I could write down exactly the way you say it…”pain-TED toe NAY-ells” and it sounds so cute!  I was painting mine a few weeks ago and yours HAD to be done too…. it’s become a bit of a thing since then and I must admit Mumma hasn’t done anything to discourage it…. I’m a girlie girl sometimes, so I like it when you are too 🙂  We did end up with polish on the couch today… you’re damn quick and grabbed the brush from the bottle faster than a gypsy pickpocket!  Oops….

Mumma is going to crawl into bed with you tonight… I need a fix 🙂  xxx


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