January 10th, 2012

Just home from evening shift at work…. One positive about working today was the aircon!

Wishing I could just wriggle my nose a-la ‘I dream of Jeanie’ and aircon would be installed at home…

You headed straight from the bedroon to the lounge chair this morning and hopped up with a couple of the ‘In the night garden’ books and said ‘read it, read it’ waving the book around!  I don’t think you even realise it’s a tv show, just loving the silliness of the words in there!  You would sit and look at books all day long I think… well, as long as someone else was reading to/with you….  Given the heat today we spent a fair bit of time in front of the fan on the couch reading.

I love that you love books and reading…. so keen to encourage that!

When you woke from your midday sleep today I could hear you moving around in the bedroom, fiddling with something and I opened the door just as you turned the mobile on and started dancing… cutiepie!!

You’re in bed with your Dadda and hopefully both of you sleep ok…. I’ll see you in the morning for a snuggle 🙂 xx


4 thoughts on “January 10th, 2012

  1. i love, so much, that you captured it with the book blurred- like i could blink my eyes and be there, witnessing the frantic begging to COME SIT DOWN AND READ THISSS
    the eyes. oh the eyes. ha!

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