January 11th, 2012

Yesterday’s post, today!  It was so hot here yesterday I could not bear hanging out in our sauna (computer room) to do my post!  Anton and I sat in the loungeroom in the dark last night until we went to bed.

The below pic was taken by my aunt, so there’s a post pool and 37 degree day me in it, looking particularly glamorous…heehee….

As soon as we woke from our sleep yesterday we escaped the heat by rsuhing out of our house to Chermside to enjoy the aircon.  We had sushi with Dondy and then a wander around and a “yummy duice”.  It was lovely to wander in the cool, although you weren’t too impressed you couldn’t get down and run around.  From there we went to Mumma’s Aunt and Uncle’s house for a swim and a BBQ.  You (we all) had a ball splashing in the pool.  There was you, my tiny girl, and 5 big boys, ranging from 4 to 11!  Although the two fathers there could be added to the big boys list 😉  In this piccie you are sooooo tired from your busy afternoon.  You’re being cuddled by Mummy’s cousin Marnie and her littlest boy Tully is leaning in, probably trying to cuddle you which you weren’t excited about.  Behind you is another cousin, Marianne, who has been up visitng for xmas.

We have a wonderful wonderful immediate and extended family Rubyroo, we are so lucky.  I am so glad you have that love, support and diversity to grow up amongst.  But be warned, they ALL like cuddles from cute little girls!!!

I can hear you in the kitchen with Daddy asking for breaky, so off I go to make us a smoothie!  And smooch you both…. xxx


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