January 12, 2012

It’s the other moments too, isn’t it… or maybe especially those moments, that you can’t/don’t capture with a camera, that are so precious   The ones where I wish I could blink my eyes and somehow a photo would be taken of exactly what I see (feel/hear…)… like stroking Ruby’s little fingers when putting her to bed tonight; her little sleeping face in the softly lit room; her shivers when playing under the cold water; the ‘mummy…MUMMY’ when she sees me after a time apart…. such blessings in the little things.

We went for a drive with Dondy and PaRoy today, to catch up with some special family friends.  You just wanted to explore!!  In the house, but especially outside… where there was an impressive set of playground equipment in their yard, complete with slippery dip; chooks and a chook shed; a toy car to pedal around; a trampoline; a pool and some guinea pigs!  This was your first meeting with a guinea pig and you told me “Ruby pat it!!”!  I’m not sure poor Vanilla was as keen on you as you were on her!  She was quite happy to eat the grass you kept plucking for her though.  You  wanted to keep feeding the guinea piggies and the chooks and had to be dissuaded from denuding Rae’s lovely mint plant to do so…

Mumma is very keen to get us a chook house and some chookies… you LOVE eggs and I would love for you to learn where they come from.  Guinea pigs also would be fun, but when you’re a little bigger I think.  It’s great that you love animals  🙂  You are so interested in exploring the world around you and all new things that come your way.  Keep that zest for life baby girl!  xox


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