January 14th, 2012

I didn’t think I would get to this post until tomorrow as Anton and I were supposed to be at a wedding this afternoon and evening.  I was REALLY looking forward to seeing my lovely friend get married and have an adult night out.  But… it wasn’t to be, Ruby didn’t really get better today and in fact when I finally accepted I couldn’t leave her to go out I thought a trip to the kids hospital was in order, but we managed to get some food and fluids into her and she improved a little.

My mum (aka Dondy) came around for this arvo, bringing us dinner and cuddling and entertaining our precious gem for us while we got a few other chores done.  Yay for wonderful Mums!!

This pic (taken by Daddy) pretty much sums up our day, my Ruby.  You wanted to be held or cuddled most of the day.  Mumma and Dadda spent a lot of time trying to coax you with water, iceblocks, biscuits… anything to get something into you!  Looking for the delight in our day together today was a challenge really… it’s certainly not delightful to have you unwell and I was so tired that I struggled a lot at times…. Again it was the little things that kept me going today… little kisses on your soft head, the fact that I can give you comfort as your Mummy, times when your were feeling a little chirpier and making us laugh with your cute voice and talking.  I wished several times today that you were still breastfeeding so I could offer you that comfort and nourishment!

I so hope tonight is a better one for you (and your Daddy and I) and you get some proper rest.

Love love love you, munchkin xxx


6 thoughts on “January 14th, 2012

  1. Poor little darling. i hope it passes soon and she is feeling better. Nothing worse then when you kids are sick. It doesn’t make anyone feel good. 😦 I hope I can see another photo of a happy little girl.

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