Yesterday’s post, today….

Yawwwwwwwwwwwnn…. So, doing the post for the 13th Jan today.  I did take the pic yesterday but then it was overtaken by a sick Ruby who was spiking temps and then I had an evening shift at work (whilst fretting about how Ruby was going) and then when I got home at 11.15pm I finished the washing up (which Anton had started prior to having to go in and lay with Ruby) and then I decided to sleep (I thought) with Ruby as her temp was 39 and she was unsettled…. Poor wee girl stayed so restless, writhing around and crying out that I think I had about two minutes sleep before 4am when I gave her some more panadol and then sat up and held her in my arms over my baby bump until she finally settled enough for us both to sleep!!!  It’s so awful when your baby is sick!  Ruby is still quite fragile this morning, saying no a lot and not knowing what she wants.


Jan 13th – My darling girl, you are so precious.  You were off colour this morning.  Very whiney and then I checked your temperature and it was a raised.  Gave you some panadol and you perked up for a while…. this pic was captured then… you were doing your favourite “Ruby hiding hiding” game amongst the daybed cushions.  You love to hide and have us pretend we can’t find you and then you pop your little head out and giggle 🙂  You’ve always loved peekaboo, right from a wee baby!

It’s Sat 14th now, you’re not yourself, so I should go dish out some “mummy tuddles” xxx


6 thoughts on “Yesterday’s post, today….

  1. Aww, babies just should not ever get sick! My heart breaks when my little one feels under the weather, it’s just not fair at all when they can’t even understand why they don’t feel well 😦

    On a brighter note, my little girl’s all-time favorite is peekaboo behind the sofa cushions as well 🙂

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