January 15th, 2012

What a different day today!  A much chirpier little girl today, thank goodness!

I woke at about 830 this morning after a good night’s sleep (hallelujah!) and the house was like the night before christmas.  I figured Anton must have taken Ruby out of the house somewhere so I could sleep, but the door to Ruby’s room was shut so I peeked in and Anton was just waking and Ruby still asleep!!!  Anton came out and I asked what he’d done to her… “just gave her nurofen about 3am because she was really hot”… and Ruby then woke up just before 9, keen for Mummy “tuddles” and happy as!  Thank you Universe!

We had Aunty ‘rie and cousin A come play for a while this afternoon, which was lovely.  Then Mumma had to go to work, not so lovely… but only 8 shifts to go.  Not that I’m counting or anything…..

My beautiful baby girl, I was so happy you woke up feeling better today!  You gobbled bacon and eggs with Daddy and I.  Then mucked around with books and toys and wanted your bike helmet on, insisting the ‘seatbelt’ under your chin was done up 🙂  Not long after this you had the phone stuck to your ear, saying “heddo heddo, Dondy?!”.  I couldn’t resist this pic with the gorgeous morning light and your divine lashes on show!

I’ve really missed you and Dadda tonight whilst at work.  Some days Mumma is more sooky than others….

I hope you sleep well tonight and I look forward to breathing you in tomorrow morning xxxx


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