Outside, outside!

A shinier day today, thank goodness! 

Little one, today we spent time reading, watching a bit of “AyyBeeeCeee for tids!!!” (you ask for it, but then don’t really watch!), sleeping, eating, having the toy doggy “Chase Ruby!! Chase Ruby!!” (which always make you run and cackle!) and we had a lovely time outside (at your request) swinging, wandering around the yard, then up and down the bike path out the back waiting for Dondy and PaRoy to walk along for a hello.  I don’t think you quite believed me they were coming until they appeared!

You took your crocs on and off and on and off and talked to next door’s puppies.  You loved finding frangipani flowers and sound very cute when you say ‘frangipani’!  I think you’d like a sandpit as you were digging paving sand out of a little crack with your index finger and playing with it!

You’re still not quite yourself little one…you’ve woken crying several times already tonight… Mumma’s thinking those pesky molars are making their way out 😦

Rushing this now so I can cuddle you and Daddy can have a bit of evening to himself!

I love learning about you, Rubyroo… xox


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