Strange old day…

I decided to sleep with Ruby last night, I miss her little body in the bed and her skin and softness, so I thought I would see how we went.  Between her restlessness and my sore hips, restless leg syndrome, pregnant bladder and a headache I had a cr*p sleep and woke up feeling like death warmed up this morning.   Anton came in to say morning about 6.30 and was greeted by a groaning wife and a daughter who was keen to ‘hop up hop up!”.  I lay there a while longer, had a big cry (hormones?? exhaustion??) then I did get up, took some panadol and crawled back into our bed and pretty much pulled the covers over my head.  My wonderful husband got the message and took carer’s leave from work.  I then woke up again at 11!

I wasn’t really sure why I had a big cry, but my perceptive man suggested that maybe I was sad because I was realising I couldn’t sleep with Ruby anymore, or for a while anyway.  And I definitely think he’s right…  He took this pic today when I lay down with Ruby for her daytime sleep….

Something was different about getting you to sleep today…maybe we both know things are changing with our sleeping arrangements… usually you turn away and put your back against me when you’re about to drop off.  Today you turned to me and put your dear little face close to mine, then drifted off.  One of those moments where I wish I could blink my eyes and take a pic of what’s there before me.  If Mummy needs to find some sense of self preservation and sleep in another bed at night time, at least we can still have our daytime naps for a while longer!!

I have an extra ‘grateful for’ to document today…

This man, this man… the love of my life and most awesome Dad to my girl.  He looked after us both so well today… he always does look after us and we are so blessed to have in our lives, loving us and taking care of us.

I love those dimples 🙂  And how sexy is a man with washing up gloves on?! Heehee….


9 thoughts on “Strange old day…

  1. I totally get why you needed that cry – things are shifting in your family to make space for your new little one :). It’s not bad, just different. We have found the family bed to be an organic thing, always changing to meet everyone’s needs. We have two big mattresses on the floor (a king size & a double), & the configuration over the last year of ‘who sleeps where’ has shifted around a lot. First my 12yo & his dad shared the double & my 8yo girl shared with my in the king. Then when I grew heavy & uncomfortable in my pregnancy, she swapped with my hubby. When our bubba was born, things changed again. On new years eve my big boy moved out into his own bedroom & is so happy, altho this time last year he was determined to stay in our room till he grew up! Sharing a room has been a beautiful experience for our family & never static, always changing. Like life 🙂 just know that how things are now is not forever. And maybe you can brainstorm how to be close at night even if you are not in the same bed (same room maybe?). Xxx

    • And you made me cry again with your lovely comment! I hope it can be an organic thing and know it may change again. Ruby has never been a ‘good’ sleeper and I’m worried she’ll wake the new bub and vice vera… AND that I will get absolutely no sleep as I will wake up to both of them… and a doubly sleep deprived Mama is no good to anyone 😦

  2. Aw. Mama. That is SO sweet. I am definitely so thankful for when Theo will face me. It’s so hard to get him to want to sleep like that – almost impossible. When he does my heart just STOPS. How precious.

  3. Priceless Moments Karen – enjoy them, love them, embrace them! I have just discovered your blog and really enjoy reading it – Bless you and your gorgeous family, beautiful lady! xo

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