4 generations…

Ruby and I went with Mum this afternoon, to visit her Mum in the nursing home… 4 generations of us together.   Grandma won’t remember now, but she enjoyed the visit at the time.  And Ruby probably won’t either…. But, my mum (aka Dondy) will remember and that’s the important bit for me (aside from Grandma not being alone!).

Not fab photos today, but it’s about what you’re capturing isn’t it?  Ruby wouldn’t sit still for long and Great Grandma has never been good at smiling for pics 🙂

Miss Rubes, today we went with your Dondy to visit Great Grandma G at her nursing home.  Great Grandma is Dondy’s Mum and Mummy’s Grandma… is that confusing?!  You are a lucky little girl as you still have 3 great grandmas and 1 great grandpa.  Great Grandma G lives in a special home because her brain has become very fuzzy because of a yucky disease called Alzheimers.  Something a little girl like you need not worry about just yet!  She loved your visit though and found you very entertaining.  You were mostly keen on Dondy giving you rides around the place on Great Grandma’s wheely walker!

I think it was very nice for your lovely Dondy to have you there too, a good balance and reminder of the cycles of life for we grown ups.

So much life ahead of you my gorgeous girl… thank you for sharing it with me xox


9 thoughts on “4 generations…

  1. Aw. Nursing homes make me so sad. I remember when we visited my mums nana there and I always felt so sad leaving her there. So lovely that you guys got to go have a visit and had all three generations living together.

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