Unky Monkey…

I know it’s the 21st, but here’s the blog post for the 20th!  I did a late shift last night and worked in a busy area and was so completely knackered by the end of my shift that I had no energy for anything by the time I got home!  It was actually quite a good shift, working with a funny and very experienced ED (ER for those in US) nurse.

I didn’t take many pics myself yesterday (but I did achieve some domestic Goddess duties!), so when I recharged my phone after I got home from work last night and found this gem that Mum had taken and sent me, I almost cried (well, ok, I did cry, but I’m pregnant, I’m allowed!)….

Cheeky-chops, here you are with your Unky G, sometimes known as your Unky Monkey when he is acting the fool to make you laugh.  Dondy took this photo when you were at their house yesterday afternoon and Unky G dropped in for a while.  G is Mumma’s younger brother and you already have a very special relationship with him, which makes my heart sing.  He is an amazing man and you will learn a lot from him throughout your life and get a lot of love from him too!  Unky G is looking like the labourer here as he is renovating a house (as well as working full time).  He also has a double degree and has done all sorts of interesting jobs through out his work life so far!  He speaks Japanese and plays music by ear which makes Mummy green with envy 🙂  Hopefully you can learn these things from him!  Unky G is married to your gorgeous Aunty ‘frie’ and has a beautiful boy, A, who is just a few months older than you.  A is a lot bigger than you though and Unky G is always exclaiming over how dainty you are!  You know, I think it was Unky G, being a monkey, that made you giggle your first proper giggle when you were about 5 months old.  it was delightful and infectious to listen too. He will make you laugh a whole lot more over the years to come and would be there for you in a second if you needed it.  We are very lucky to have him in our lives…. and the best bit is that by April, G and his fam will be living about 50 mtrs away!!!  Yippeeeeeee!

You ordered Mummy out of bed at 7 this morning after I only got to sleep about 230, I’m going to need that nap with you today!!!

Smooches, Mama xxxx


3 thoughts on “Unky Monkey…

  1. How lovely. I know what you mean about family, when I see my sisters with my little fella it makes my heart sing too. Their special relationship is very obvious in this pic 🙂

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