Incy Wincy…

Sunday 22nd January…

My darling Mum actually stayed the night with Ruby in her bed so that Anton and I could have a good sleep and actually sleep in the same bed… it was nice to have a snuggle 😉  Mum whisked Ruby off to her place at about 530 so we could sleep in too!!

Little one, I think when we got to Dondy & PaRoy’s house to pick you up this morning about 9, you were already tired…. having been up since 5!  We were trying to get a family pic with you on the climbing frame, but you were really not keen.  I was trying to get you to do Incy Wincy spider here, which you usually do readily, but I think you were just thinking, c’mon, let’s go people!!  And also wondering what your Pa was doing dancing around in his lycra bike shorts… heeheee….

We headed out for breakfast, which you loved as the cafe had a kiddy play area and they catered to our gluten & dairy free needs no probs!  (The Hutch Bistro)  You gobbled up your eggies and bacon very fast.  Then it was home for a snuggly sleep (Yum!) with me before I had to head off to work (not so yum).

You’re fast asleep in bed now with your Dadda… I crept in before and kissed your little knees…. so sweet you are….

“Sweet, sweet, sweet
The way you make me feel
Sweet, sweet, sweet
I can’t believe you’re real”

– Lamb “Sweet”

Love you little one, Mama xxx



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