Toddlers, toddlers everywhere!!

Monday January 23rd…

Ruby and I had a lovely day together today…. I just took very few pics!  Ruby’s funny now, she will not pose or sit still for pics, but always demands to see them if I do take one and will sit for ages at the computer looking at pictures of herself, or Anton and I.

Cheekychops, today we went back to the library to get you some new books (“stawies”) to read and to go to the toddler rhymes session.  Today Dondy came along and so did Aunty Meli, T & Moo.  Mummy’s friend G was also there with her little girl, C.  That’s you standing on the orange cushion, clutching your Seedseed and C and Moo are with you.  You all look very serious in this pic, but you had (along with many of the others kids there) been making your way all over the room checking people out and dancing and clapping.  C found that doll when we first got there and would not let go of it!  Moo kept staring at people and you did your usual dance and show your undies off in the middle routine 😉

You gave Mumma and Dondy a fright at the library when we looked away for a minute and you ran off, thank goodness you hadn’t actually gone out the doors.  I think the library lady though we were very neglectful 😦  She doesn’t know you and how cheeky you are or how fast you move (or many toddlers move!).

We did some groceries this afternoon and you happily sat and chatted to Mummy the whole way around.  A few hot chippies stashed in the shopping bag may have helped that…. shhhhh……

We had a lovely shower together after your dinner… although insisting Mummy sit on the floor of the shower with you is frought with danger from now on… I don’t think you’re strng enough to help me up somehow and there were a few moments there where I wondered whether I would just have to stay on the floor until Daddy got home to help me!

See you in the morning my munchkin xox


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