Trumpet nose!

Tuesday 24th January…

Quiet day at home with Rubes in the morning, due to the large amounts of water falling from the sky…  Cracked out the In The Night Garden activity book I’d bought whilst shopping yesterday…that was a winner!  Especially because it had stickers!

Then I worked in the evening (5th last shift….) and hoped Anton would take some photos of Rubes, because I’d only taken a couple… he took the hint of the camera on the bench 🙂

When we were shopping yesterday you grabbed your nose and said “Honk honk! Daddy tumpet nose in a sower!” and then giggled away!  It was funny 🙂  And you’re right, Daddy does sometimes do a very loud trumpet nose in the shower!  He once blew his nose near you when you were a little baby and your dear face crumpled and you cried…. daddy had to give lots of cuddles to make that one up 🙂   When Daddy was feeding you dinner you told him the same thing about his trumpet nose, cheeky monkey!

Over your shoulder is the poster that was in your activity book… for some reason you’ve been asking for ‘tuddles’ a lot to get you up to the level where you can see it… hmmmm, smarty girl!

Smart, cheeky & smoochable, that’s you, Rubyroo!


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