Daddy’s girl

Friday 27th January…

We had an appointment with midwife at the birth centre this morning.  I am enjoying going there and the three midwives we have been allocated are lovely.  Not quite the same continuity of care as having the one midwife you’ve chosen throughout your pregnancy and birth, but pretty good really on the continuity front.  All was well 🙂

Ruby stayed home with her “Ganny Kiss” and I don’t think missed us at all!

Honeypie (we really do call you a multitude of pet names don’t we?!), when we got home from our midwife appointment today you ran to the door shouting “Mummeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Daddeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!” with a big smile on your face… we could have melted!

We lay down for our daytime sleep and it was delicious as I had the fan on and you were very snuggly.  I tried to get up several times as I was busting to go to the loo and your baby brother/sister was getting higher and higher under my ribs!  Everytime I tried to get up though you’d snuggle in a bit more…. sigghhh, bliss.  Eventually I had to get up and managed to extricate myself.  I left the door open as we’d been asleep for almost three hours!  Your Dadda saw his opening and crept in and lay down to look at you, you sleeping angel.  I love that he wants to do such things. I love the relationship that you have with each other, so precious.

We took Granny Chris for lunch at the sushi train after our sleep… you loved that 🙂 And you got more than your fair share of my boost juice as usual!!  Mummy’s a soft touch, huh?!  xox



4 thoughts on “Daddy’s girl

  1. For some reason this photo and story made me cry. I think it was the love that I could see between a man to a child and also in the way you wrote it just spoke Love. Thank you for being so real with your writing.

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