Flower girl.

Thursday 26th January…

MMMmmmm… posting this on the 27th and struggling to cast my mind back to yesterday morning!  We had a quiet morning around home… Anton home because of the Australia Day public holiday which was nice… oh and we had yummy bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Rubes was a little out of sorts, a bit grizzly and saying no a lot :-/

Ruby and I lay down for our middle of the day nap and when we woke up, Anton’s Mum, Ruby’s Granny Chris was here!

Munchkin, I had hopped up a little before you and when you woke, Daddy went in to get you and you came out and spotted Granny Chris (Ganny Kiss) and stood there looking coy for a while.  You were more than happy to be left with her though when Daddy dropped Mummy to work about half an hour later!  The undivided attention of Grandmas is a wonderful thing!

While Mumma was at work you took Daddy and Granny Chris on a walk around the block.  Dadda took this pic on the bikepath out the back.  I love the pinks and greens. I love your dear little hand with the frangi.  I love that you look like you’re about to leap up and say “let me at the world!’.

Keep exploring and discovering, the world’s your oyster, our sweetpea! xxx


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