Lucky she is cute!!

Saturday 28th January…

I really have so much to be grateful for today… not one, but two lovely family catch ups, a great acupuncture session (loooooong overdue) and my husband and mum-in-law just did the washing up!  Yet, I am still feeling blah!

Had a lot of trouble deciding on a pic for today…. I think in finding the energy to journal about it too….

Little one, I woke to you sitting up in the bed saying “everybody here!” – meaning you, Dadda and I…♥ Your Granny Chris is borrowing your bed while she stays so you are in with us for a bit.  I slept most of the night on the king single on the floor and you with Dadda…but when I got up to go to the toilet at 5am you were lying horizontally across the bed on the pillows with your feet in Daddy’s back!  Daddy was asleep, but clinging to the edge of the bed!!  So I got in and snuggled you up to me… which Mummy liked a bit 😉 and you seemed to like too…  We had a lovely morning – we made a smoothie and then went to Dondy and PaRoy’s for brekky.  Mumma went from there to an acupuncture appt with Uncle PK… and when I came home I hoped you’d be sound asleep so I could climb in with you…. but I could hear you talking and crying a bit.  Granny Chris told me Daddy had been trying to get you to sleep for an hour and a half!!  I came in and lay down with you, but after another half an hour we gave up…. so the pic above was taken just after we got up again… your eyes look so tired to Mama, but you were demanding to look at “photo o’ Ruby” on Granny Chris’ laptop….

We had a really nice evening at Aunty Mel & Uncle Chris’ house… you played with your cousins and we had fish and chips for dinner 🙂  Dinner time was like feeding time at the zoo!!

So a day of challenges and delights, you’re lucky you’re cute!

You crashed out in about 5 minutes tonight… Mama’s joining you soooooon!  xox


6 thoughts on “Lucky she is cute!!

  1. ‘photo o Ruby’ is a super cute one!
    and would you look at those lashes?
    your day sounds like ours, complete with fish & chips too! Let’s all hope for a better sleep and a new day tomorrow.

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