Objects in the rearview mirror…

February 27th, 2012…

We had a visit to the RBWH Birth Centre this morning, to have a check up with one of our lovely midwives.  All good, head down! I am having loads of contractions, all painless… and those lovely little electrical shocks in my ‘gina (TMI??!). The body is preppin’ 🙂

I looked in the rearview today little girl and this was what I saw… a ‘groovy baby’ clutching her Seedseed and sucking away on her thumb!  It was a big day… up until today you have still been rear facing in the car… it’s safer to rear face for as long as possible, so we did!  BUT today we had the capsule put in for your baby brother/sister and so your seat was moved to behind the driver…facing forwards!  You loved sitting upright, looking out the window and being able to see things and tell us about them!  You especially loved it this morning when Daddy drove and I was in the passenger seat and we were able to see each other easily!

Having the baby capsule in the car is making it all very real!  I wonder what you will think of sitting in the back with your new sibling??  I am looking forward to watching you grow and play together!

Love you, love, Mama xx


Over my shoulder…

February 26th, 2012….

Busy day, some more nesting, probably too little resting….  I went to a Baby shower for a lovely friend.  Bought Ruby her first doll… it is to be a present from the new baby so Ruby has a baby too…  I tell you what though, getting that doll out of the box was harder than giving birth to Ruby!!  What’s with all the metal ties and tabs etc???!

Munchicken, I was sitting writing a card (novel) for my friend today and you decided you had to get up on the chair behind me.  You were chewing pegs, then insisted you had to have your hat on, then gave me a back scratch (must encourage this!)… all the while, wobbling around and worrying me you were going to fall off the chair!

You made me laugh today when I gave you a tiny little plastic doll I found, about the size of your thumb, and you brought it over to me for me to give it susu (breastfeed)!

I swear you know something is going on and share my feeling of imminence about the birth coming…. you’ve been wanting Mummy tuddles a lot and were very hard to settle tonight….

Dadda says I MUST go to bed… it is 1130pm, but I don’t want to get behind with this! Nighty night xxxx


Jungle gym…

February 25th, 2012…

Well, I’ve been in nesting mode today… fortunately my darling husband has too, so there was a lot done… even though we both had hopes for more!  It’s only 10.27pm, surely there’s time for more after this…?!

Well, here you are using the change table as your jungle gym!  Mummy (& Daddy) were in ‘get things done!’ mode today and you were feeling a bit put out by the lack of entertainment I think.  So, when I sat down on the floor to clean the change table and emptied the bottom shelf, you took it upon yourself to climb in… and head first out!   Several times… the up side of that was less dust on the table to clean…. but more on the carpet 😉

Shortly after this, Daddy told you he was going to change your nappy… that never goes down well and off you ran to hide!

You’re our very cheeky monkey 🙂 xxx

My girl ♥

February 24th, 2012…

Another beautiful cool rainy day…. so lovely!

It was a day around home today, lots of “tuddles” on the couch and a wonderful big sleep together!  Today I am 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant with your little brother or sister… it was at this point you made your entrance and we got to meet you.  You were an individual from the start, pointing your cute little rump at us, rather than your head!  To this day it is still the cutest botbot around 🙂

I can’t believe you are going to be a big sister soon… you still are so little and feel like my baby.  I carry you around a lot, seems to suit both of us at times… you particularly at the moment.  I do wonder how I will work all this out when ‘Vonu’ arrives!

Today we were watching some water births on the TV, you told me wide-eyed “baby been borned” and were quite interested in them having susu and requested “Ruby try it!”… Despite a good solid 15 and a bit months of breast-feeding, I’m afraid you’ve forgotten what to do Missy… licking and giggling ain’t gonna cut it 😉

Looking forward to so many more “tuddles” with you xox


February 23rd, 2012…

Oh, I so appreciated the cooler weather today!  Happy to have that keep happening!

Bathtime!  Between the bubbles you were playing in and hearing Daddy come in the door, you were a happy munchkin!  Your hearing is super sharp and you heard the key before I did and shouted with glee “Daddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”.  I know for certain that your Dadda LOVES hearing your little voice joyfully call his name 🙂

We had a really nice day today.  Ended up catching up with Sunny & Ains while we did some shopping and had lunch with them.  Then home for snuggly sleeps (possible on such a day of cooler weather) and an enjoyable afternoon together of drawing, pottering and a small serve of Wiggles!

I love your happy face baby girl, I love it so much xox

Wobbedee je-yee….

February 22nd, 2012…

That translates as Wobbly Jelly 🙂

Which is not a comment about the state I feel I am in at 38 weeks pregnant, but Ruby’s lunch….

Chops, yesterday you asked me for jelly… so we made some and you were entirely unimpressed that we had to wait for it to set and I wouldn’t just let you drink it then and there!  So today at lunch you asked for “wobbedee je-yee”… It did mean I got you to eat all of your healthy stuff first and then you played in the jelly 🙂   I’d be happy for you to have it all the time, just to hear you say it!!

Love, your wobbedee Mumma xox


Platypus meets the Tomblimboos!

February 21st, 2012…

Ah, what a funny ol’ day today… Grizzly toddler, heat, heavy tired pregnant Mumma… yippee-aye-ayyyy….

I think what summed it up perfectly was the hot sweaty delivery man who came to our door late in the day, after I can only assume running back and forth from his truck all day, saying “Geez!! You look exhausted!!”… Yes.  Hello, that’s me…

This photo is a bit all over the place and slightly out of focus, which really sums up our day!  It started out well with a short visit from Granny Chris on her way through from… somewhere (?!) to Vanuatu for work.  Generally went downhill from there though, culminating in you giving your head an almighty crack on Dondy & PaRoy’s deck when we went round to say Happy Birthday to Asher….

So a moment of delight in the day.  Mumma sitting down briefly, talking all thing “in da nigh’ gar-den” with you and you introducing your new platypus to the Tombliboos!  I think he then went on to meet Upsy Daisy… and she probably kissed him and danced for him being the girl she is 😉

Tomorrow is a new day, my darling girl!! xxx

Things I swore I would never do as a parent, # 63…

February 20th, 2012…

Before I became a parent there were things I thought I would do… and NOT do…. using TV to distract/child mind/entertain, was one of the latter…. Have recently done so and have a conflicting inner dialogue going on about it! 😉

“Want to watch some Wiggles” you told me this morning… and I agreed, without much hesitation.  So here you and Seedseed are, nude, munching corn puffs and slightly mesmerised!  It was a stinking hot morning, we’d been outside and had some play time and a splash under the tap…. but inside you either wanted “Mummy tuddles” or Wiggles!  Let me just say that I adore giving you cuddles, but in these last days of pregnancy and the sticky heat, it’s hard to carry you around at the moment!!!

It’s an old Wiggles DVD lent us by Tion and your favourite songs are ‘Shalom’ and ‘Everybody Dancing’.  The latter will have you rush to find me if I have gone out of the room to do something!

Fortunately at the moment you believe me when I say the TV has to stay off or The Wiggles have gone away for a while!  Let’s hope that lasts!  🙂


A beautiful Blessingway!

February 19th, 2012…

What a lovely Sunday!  I had my Blessingway at Mum & Dad’s house in the afternoon, surrounded by beautiful amazing women from all areas and times of my life.  I feel so loved and so lucky!!

Look at you, grubby guts!!  We spent Sunday morning at Dondy & PaRoy’s house doing some baking and prep for my Blessingway in the afternoon.  I had made some FODMAP friendly cupcakes… and guess who got to lick the beaters and the bowl???  You had a great time licking and getting gooey batter everywhere!  The whole bowl even ended up over your head, which made Dondy and I laugh (as discretely as we could!).

I had a beautiful afternoon tea, surrounded by amazing women.  All of them so smart, so strong and so wonderful in their own way.  You and I are a lucky girls to be part of such a circle of women, my darling Ruby.  I hope you can make and find amazing support in a circle of your own as you grow and blossom into womanhood (not too fast at that though!!).


Eat your heart out, Matisse!

February 18th, 2012…

Didn’t adventure too far today.  Picked up a preloved dishwasher given us by a lovely friend… just have to knock a cupboard out in the kitchen now to fit in… and then probably sleep with the pots and pans because there’s nowhere else for them to go… 😉

My little artist, we got paints out for the first time for you today  and you really enjoyed it.  Mostly you enjoyed saturating the brushes and mixing the paints together…which was difficult for Mummy to just ‘let go’ and let you do.  I wanted to keep all the paints nice and separate… I had to bite my tongue and let you do your thing 🙂  You had painted this piece and pointed to it and said proudly “Ruby do it!”.   Painted soon evolved into running laps around the easel and brushing you head on the overhanging Tibouchina, with its lovely purple flowers.  Then you decided to paint your nails (and toes) blue  🙂

We spent a good while in the afternoon out in the back yard.  Daddy was gardening and you were splashing and playing in your little pool.  Mummy read her magazine and had her sore feet in your cool pool, which was so nice.  You were such a cute little nudie mermaid!   It made my heart very happy to all be together today ♥

I promise to try not to stifle your creative spirit little girl… pull me up on it if I do!!  xox