GOMA Gals!!

February 2nd, 2012

What a gorgeous day we had today!  Well, once we were out of the house anyway… things a wee bit whingey and “NOoooo” saturated before we left 😉

(Can’t quite get formatting of pics below correct… ah welll!)

What fun we had today!  We met Aunty Sunny & Ainsley at GOMA for an adventure through the kids exhibitions (Look Now, See Forever & We miss you Magic Land!).  What a wonderful city we live in that there are so many free things to take kids too!  You and Ains loved the polka dots and were quite amazed at being able to put the stickers anywhere you liked.  Yes, you ARE allowed to stick it on the piano!  After we’d polka dotted and goggled our way around, we went out for lunch.  It was Aunty Sunny’s birthday, so it was our shout 🙂  Sunny suggested Grill’d… two pregnant women and burgers.. yes!!! And then you and Ains got hot chippies too… AND fizzy drink…. sheeesh, your Mummy is such a soft touch Rubyroo!  We love Aunty Sunny and Ainsley’s company… we’ll have another play date soon!

I love sharing adventures and wonder with you, my Ruby darling…. it makes it so much more special for me, you help me to see things through fresh eyes, thank you! xox


5 thoughts on “GOMA Gals!!

  1. Wow! How cool. I did art history at Uni (a legitimate major!) and think it is so great to expose kids to the wonderful world of art. Good on you Karen for taking her and giving her the gift or art. xxx You are a great mum. She is a very fortunate lovely girl xxxx

  2. Oh, this post made me smile big 🙂 You and Ains look like you had a great time. Listen to your Mama Ruby and what she shares with you about friendship… she’s pretty gifted when it comes to that sorta thing! Aunty Meli xx

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