Happy Birthday to Daddy!!

February 1st, 2012

Today was my lovely man’s birthday…. it started out with an eventful night before…. I worked a late shift.  Got home about 1115pm, got to sleep about 1am….then heard boots marching across the deck and a bang bang bang on the door at 230 am!!  A voice said “Karen??!”

“Err… yes,hello?!”

“It’s so&so from the ambulance and S next door needs you to come and mind the baby, D, because L has croup and can’t breathe properly and we have to take him to hospital!”

“Cr@p, ok, will be right out”

Ruby didn’t wake up to any of this, all the adults did though!

So I stumble out in nightie with bedhair, pillow (I’m pregnant, ok?!) and mobile phone to find the paramedic waiting there with his torch……  what a sight I must have been 😉

Poor neighbours, what a scare AND with their Daddy away for work!!  The ‘baby’, D, who is about 18 months old, was HIGHLY unimpressed at 430 am when he woke wanting “boobie” and there was none to be had!!  Even once I took him into the light and he new it was me he still kept asking and shoving a pudgy hand down my nightie!  I had to giggle and his Mum reminded me when she got home that I had told him when he was a tiny baby that if he ever really needed susu he could have some!  I don’t have any at the moment, but maybe I am starting to smell like milk again!

Master L. was ok after the scare, thank goodness!  And everyone needed some extra sleep today!

Chopses!  After I came home from the neighbours about 6am I climbed into bed and just watched you and Daddy sleeping.  I was feeling very grateful everyone was ok and thanking the Universe for our precious children.  You and Daddy were lying in a very similar position and the likeness really struck me (again)  🙂  Mummy must have passed out and woke later in morning to discover you and Granny Chris had gone… I’d stumbled out of the bedroom thinking “Oooh, What time is it, I have to take Chris to airport!” and realised it was 1015 and there was noone home!  Turns out Daddy had arranged for PaRoy to come to rescue and take Granny Chris to airport and you to Dondy and PaRoy’s house so Mummy could catch up on some sleep!  Have I mentioned that you have a fantastic Dadda and 4 sensational grandparents?!  PaRoy brought you back home and then you and Mummy had a big sleep together.

Once we woke up, we went over to Dondy and PaRoy’s house (you had been asking for Dondy Sondy!) to play, provide Mummy with respite 😉 and bake Daddy a birthday cake.  You sat in your high chair and had a special iceblock… you amused Mumma and Dondy no end with your antics and you knew it, you cute show off!! xox


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Daddy!!

  1. Karen, I know how much Ruby looks like Anton but I can really see your mum in the big pic where Ruby’s holding the iceblock and grinning! Cute pics and story!

  2. You are amazing Karen! I haven’t read off of your blog’s but the ones I have almost bring me to tears……. again…. you are amazing (and Ruby & A are the luckiest people on the planet to have you). Can’t wait to see you next week. Ange xxx

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