Playing catch ups….

January 29th, 2012…

Well, have let this get away from me!  Naughty Mama!  I HAVE been taking my photos and counting my blessings, but not gotten to blogging… so here goes… what can I remember??!

Rubyroo, I think I’ve mentioned before, you LOVE books and being read too!  Here you are on the couch (great outfit – tiedye T, no pants and rainbow babylegs!), with your Granny Chris reading a book about animals … in French!  Parlez vous Francais?  Well, you don’t, but your Granny Chris does!  (and your Dondy speaks a bit too!).  You (we all had a lovely time with your Granny Chris here.  You lapped up the undivided attention you got from her and did your best to wear her out.  Like you, Granny Chris has a LOT of energy though…. you remind Daddy and I of her a lot, in looks, but also with your sharp mind and always observing and taking everything in!  We don’t get to see Granny Chris (and Pa Lynn) as much as we would like as they live in Adelaide (and Fiji), so it is really special when we do see them.  There are lots of things about your Granny Chris I could tell you… lots of wonderful things about the woman she is, BUT she is VERY modest, so I won’t embarrass her… we’ll just have to write down her adventure stories for you 🙂

Hopefully we will see Granny Chris and Pa Lynn in March when your baby brother/sister arrives!  You’ll be ready to boss them around I am sure!!!  xox


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