A gap in the story…

February 3rd, 2012.

I didn’t take a photo today.  Not a single one.  Ruby woke up grizzly and stayed that way. Mummy not feeling very rational about anything!

I dropped Ruby at my folks house about 930.  Couldn’t wait to drop her off as I was feeling quite acopic.

Cried all the way to my acupuncture appointment.  Some out of guilt (wanted to run back and smooch my baby!).  Some out of exhaustion. Some out of pregnancy hormones.  Thank goodness my acupuncturist is also a dear friend, so he hugged me, gave me tissues and a beautiful nurturing treatment.

Got home, had a restless sleep.  Maybe I need Ruby to get me to sleep in the daytime??

Went to Aldi, bought big bag of naughty treats for work as a little thankyou.

Got to work.  Lovely afternoon tea organised and generous voucher (VERY grateful, I promise!).

Worked busy busy last shift.  I was uncomfortable, sweating & red in the face!  Cared for some lovely people… and one who pushed my compassion to its limits!!!  Cried a little with a patient over a completely unexpected cancer diagnosis.

Was very keen to hug and kiss my family when I got home…. after a shower to wash of the ‘grime’ of the shift.

Poor Ruby unsettled and needed big cuddles from Mummy and lots of little ones from Dadda throughout the night.  We’ve come to conclusion she is cutting a couple of her big molars… drooling and face slightly puffy and so miserable.  Bloody teeth!!  I just wish they’d all come through and get the pain over with for her (and us).

So, because there is no pic from today… I am going to cheat and use one from yesterday.  One that makes me smile and kicks me in the pants about being too frazzled 😉

You and your friend Ains.  Being cheeky girls.  You were putting your foot in your mouth, literally.  Ains was laughing at you and then decided to try it too!  All Sunny and I could do was shake our heads and stop you from falling off the stools.  I think you and Ains are going to be good pals, my girl.  Good friends are such a gift and I hope you have some precious ones throughout your life.  Mummy has some beautiful close girl friends who have been with her through thick and thin.  Friends are something to always be very grateful for and to respect & nurture.

Someone wise once said “Friends are the family you choose for yourself”… and it is so true!

Night night little girl o’ mine xx


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