Date night!

Saturday 4th February…

Saturday morning was a trip to the Strathpine baby and kid’s market with my friend Kel, who is having a bubba a few weeks after me.  It was a lovely girlie morn!  Daddy on Ruby duty.  I got home about 1130 thinking I would need to put Rubes to sleep for daytime nap as she plays up for Daddy, but the house was all quiet and my two darlings were asleep… for a couple of hours!

Saturday evening was a big one for us all…. Ruby was to have her first sleep over at Dondy and PaRoy’s house!  I took her around about 5 and left a happy girl playing with her cousin (whilst Pa ran interference on ‘cuddles’ due to the size difference between the pair of them!).  Anton and I then had a couple of hours to get some stuff done around home… don’t read anything into this I really meant chores getting done, not one another….  before we headed out for dinner together.  Greek at West End and then gelati at Milany’s on Racecourse Road… YUM YUM, SUCH A FULL TUM!

Angelface, you were still a bit miserable this morning, drooling and not wanting to eat or drink much.  Melting down over the littlest things.  One thing that always makes you happy though is water!  Here you were having a lovely time dipping the hairbrush under the tap and brushing your hair. Just like Mummy does to you!  You were getting all wet and smiling at yourself in the mirror.

You had your first sleepover away from Mummy and Daddy tonight.  Possibly harder on Mummy than on you… You were with your loving Grandies who cuddle and kiss you loads. Wonderful Grandies who have never questioned how we parent and readily shared a bed with you in their spare room so that you felt safe and slept better.  They did do a shift change in the wee hours so they could sleep a bit better 😉

We couldn’t wait to cuddle you in the morning, and you were very happy to see us, but didn’t really want to leave your Dondy and PaRoy’s house!



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