Ruby ‘idin’!

Sunday 5th February…

Quick trip to Northey Street for a few things in the morning… quicker due to Ruby melting down emotionally and me literally… SERIOUSLY feeling the heat!

Fun afternoon of Maternity Shoot with the gorgeous Georgia from Georgia Peach pictures!  Ruby really not that keen on posing at all… Thank goodness Georgia has toddlers so understood.  One of the main reasons we had chosen Georgia was her lovely natural style which meant roaming, ratbaggy toddlers are quite acceptable 🙂  There was a certain amount of black comedy involved in the afternoon as the mossies were INSANE and seriously tried to carry us all off despite layers of repellant. I am sure there will be pics of us flapping our hands and slapping ourselves!

Rubes, here you are playing another version of your fave “Ruby ‘idin'” game.  This one involved ransacking Mummy’s scarf drawer for props 🙂  I think your father aided and abetted you too and the contents were strewn around the room I discovered later!

I love that you can see your smiling eyes through the scarf.  Especially on a day that involved such an amount of a whiny noise from you that it felt like a form of water torture to your parents!  All you wanted was “bananie smoovie” for dinner tonight!  Cold banana smoothie on a sore mouth on a hot day…. why not?!

Love you, munchkin chops 🙂 xxx



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