Ruby do it!

February 7th, 2012…

Sitting here with fan blasting on me (thanks to bestie and cuz who live up the road!)… with a foot imitating a balloon…. trying not to weep over the fact there is an Everest sized pile of washing up in the kitchen awaiting me.  Anyone want to buy me a dishwasher??  Now for those that wonder “Why can’t Anton do it?”  Well, he could… and would, but he will also get home from a long day at work and cook dinner and clean up after that, soooooo… like the little engine that could “I think I can I think I can!”…

Funny girl, you’re having a play date at Dondy and PaRoy’s.  Dondy came to get you and you were like “bye mum” without a backward glance… wonderful that you feel so secure!!  You thought I was going to work, but paid work has finished for a while… it’s the labour of love Mummy is doing now… you’ll understand that one day!

Your Unky G stopped in this morning to pick up some fans stored here.  You were sure he had just come to see you, as you told me later “Unky G come for visit little Rubyroooooooooo” 🙂

Your outfit this morning. Your pajama singlet with “sparky bits” on the ‘pocket’.  Shorts put on yourself, so they resembled a mini skirt with a sort of bustle. And a hat, fashioned from your pencil case!

You’re becoming very independent, telling us “Ruby do it!!”, quite vehemently at times.  Wanting to put clothes and shoes on yourself. Also wanting to do your bottle yourself at night, holding it and shaking it when it needs it.  (Ruby’s bottle is a concoction of rice milk, almond milk, aminoplex protein powder, probiotic, PPMP and taurine!!  Yet, she loves it!!).  Mummy liked snuggling you up and giving you your bottle as she has missed breastfeeding you… but Dadda says “that bottle gets heavy. Glad she wants to do it herself ;)”!!  You would say “Cheeky Daddy” and you’d be right 🙂

Ok, Mummy is off to conquer the washing up…. she hopes!

Smooches, baby girl xox


6 thoughts on “Ruby do it!

  1. Oooh the independent stage, look out Mummy, everything takes so much longer but I keep telling myself that it is good learning opportunities for the little ones. Cute outfit and lovely head attire. 🙂

  2. She is such a little sweetie! I love the posts with kidlets that are a bit older than mine, so I can see everything we’re in for! That sounds like a complicated bottle! Does it take very long to prepare?

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