February 9th, 2012…

Busy, but great morning.  Dietician appointment for Ruby with the lovely Julie of New Life Nutrition. 

Then we met Sunny & Ains at Southbank for a swim and play.  I have lived in Brisbane for most of my life, but never swum there!!  Rubes did make a social faux pas by number 2-ing in her swim nappy… this along with the pool water made it into a number 3… thank goodness for the showers 😉  And chlorine.  Apologies to that other nice Mum we were near who disappeared after that…..

Spurting water?!  Why have I not been here before Mum??!

Having a fabulous time… right before we needed to shower 🙂

Ruby & Ains in action!

Another picture??  C’mon Mum! Give a girl a break!

What a wonderful place for you and your friend Ains to play this morning Rubyroo!!  And for your pregnant Mummies to wallow in the cool too.  Mummy’s right foot actually returned to normal size, albeit briefly, thanks to moving about in the cold water!  You loved all the fountain and playing in the sand.  You looked around in amazement when we first got there and said “All dese people!!!”.

You were one tired little munchkin by the time we were leaving and I managed to keep you awake most of the way home by singing nursery rhymes with you… but you crashed about two minutes from home.  Usually that would mean sitting in the car until you woke or having you wake when we stopped and think that 5 minutes sleep meant 2 hours… BUT today you transferred!!!!!!!  Wonder of wonders….

Off to get some packing done before you wake!!

Thanks for taking me “fwimming” today!  I love you, love, Mama xxx


9 thoughts on “Fwimming!

  1. ha ha ha! My son made a no 3 there too a few years back, then he vomited milkshake all over, like ALL OVER in one of the restaurants there. We hadn’t taken a third set of clothes for him 😮
    Gorgeous pictures, and congrats on expecting another!

  2. What a wonderful day. Number 3’s are never fun but it sounds like you had a wonderful day. I love how the photos capture so much delight in the little ones. Just gorgeous.

  3. I have transferring problems with mine too. We do everything to try and keep her awake until we get home. It doesn’t always work and we usually end up with one very tired monkey by the end of the day as she won’t go back down. Looks like you guys had a great day – aside from the #3!

  4. Oh bugger RE the Number 3! I know what you mean about the water, I went to the pool a couple of times a week when I was pregnant just to float and take the weight off my back and hips. Sounds like it was a great day for mama and Ruby!

  5. Sweet photos 🙂 I had to laugh at your comment about naps. Glad to know we are not the only ones who spend the entire nap time in the car. If Elsa falls asleep for even one minute and then wakes up, she thinks she’s napped for hours and the whole day is a mess. She’s actually sleeping in the car right now and I’m watching her on the video monitor. I have a dream that someday I will have a child who will transfer from their car seat into a bed and stay asleep!

    • Oh to have somewhere to park the car where I could leave her asleep and get out and do a few things. Our car just sits outside, no carport or garage!! Maybe next babies might be wonderful little sleepers?!

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