Bouncing baby!

February 10th, 2012…

Big day!  Knackered parents, but arrived at our gorgeous friends’ home safe and sound, ready for a lovely weekend!

Wee one, we got up at 4am, thinking that we could transfer you to the car and you would resettle and sleep for the first few hours of our drive to Coffs Harbour….. NOPE!  You were instantly alert and eyes wide with taking in a new adventure!  Mummy even sat in the back with you and pretended to be asleep in the hope it would help you go off….. but there was just too much to look at and take in… all the lights, a big tunnel and mummy in the back with you!

You stayed awake all the way to Ballina, where we stopped for breaky and then crashed out not long after that, sleeping until Coffs, so that worked ok in the end, you ratbag!

You were so excited to arrive at our beautiful friends’ house and see the big kids, the doggie, chookies, rabbits and their trampoline – “Ruby want jump trampline!!!  Boinga boinga!!”

There was no way you were going to settle for your usual middle of the day sleep… so we headed out to the tramp to play for a bit.  Mummy managed to hoist herself (and her insanely puffy right foot) up onto the tramp and sat there snapping away while you ran around like a crazy girl, throwing yourself at me or down to the floor on each lap!  I love this action shot, you were having such a good time and making Mama laugh off her grumps 🙂

Maybe you can talk Dadda into a tramp 😉 xx


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