Farm girl…

February 11th, 2012…

2nd day at our Moonee Beach House 🙂

Wait for meeeeeeeee!  Chasing after Uncle Roy to feed the chookies!

Yes, we do, we do love Ruby!!  Peering into the chookie shed 🙂

It had been raining… I turned around to take some macro shots of water droplets on foliage… turned back to discover you had found the leaking guttering and were standing under it having a lovely time!!  Give you a drip of water and you’re happy 🙂

Whilst the big kids were all at dance class, we explored the garden and fed the chooks and rabbits.  You loved it.  You also loved the kisses you got from Georgie the dog, finding it very amusing.

We all had fish and chips together for dinner…. yipppeeeeeee… you loved that, sitting up the table, saying “Everybody here” waving your little hand around.  “All the family!”… yep, that’s right, these wonderful friends are our family too 🙂



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