Beach babes…

February 12th, 2012…

Last day in Coffs… a weekend goes way too fast.  Anton and I appreciate the generosity and the hospitality of our wonderful friends so much!  Talk about feeling nurtured!!

Quite a few pics for today… Too hard to choose 😉

You’re such a brave little girl!  Out into the waves with your Dadda, just loving it!  The light in this pic mirrors the light in my heart when I see you two playing together ♥

Playing in the sand with the big kids – Hannah, Dom & Lucy. You loved Lucy and she loved you!  Your big sister for the weekend… we all wanted to bring her home with us!

You just loved being at the beach, in the sand and the water.  Your joy reflected how Mummy feels about being by the sea and in the salty water.  There is something so good for the soul about it and I’m sure you feel that little one!  We picked up rocks and shells and played in swirling pools of water.  I could have played with you there all day!

After the beach we went back to our ‘holiday house’ and had a delicious breakfast of bacon & eggs (fresh from the chookies!). So yummy, you munched munched it all up!

Then it came time to say ‘goodbye’ sadly… and head back to Brisbane.  The weekend went way too fast, didn’t it?!

“These are the days, days to remember.

These are the days, I don’t want to forget”

(not sure of artist – from ‘The Gift, A woman’s song’)

Just one more picture for this post….

Not long now until you come earthside our wee angel… We are really looking forward to meeting you and lavishing our love on you.  Mummy will miss your wriggles in her belly though! xxx






6 thoughts on “Beach babes…

  1. I am playing catch up too! trust me, I thought that I would miss the wriggles in my belly, but as soon as our (4th) little angel was here, I have never given it a second thought! I love your shadow pic – good luck with your new bubba!

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