Challenging enchantress…

February 13th, 2012…

Lots of things to catch up on after a weekend away…. I thought I wasn’t going to get much done and then…..

…. your Dondy and PaRoy offered to take you to Nursery Rhymes at the library with Asher!  Yay…. for your sake (and Mummy’s…)!  It’s amazing how much Mama can get done around the house in an hour & half without you here, my darling distraction 🙂

This pic was taken after your sleep and during lunch… you’re being bold and cheeky… too traits that I love about you, helping you to face the world and explore it… and traits that make me tear my hair out at times, when you’re running off despite being asked to stop or playing with the power point again, whilst looking at me to see my reaction!!

Aye aye aye…. enchanting and challenging, that’s you, Rubyroo 🙂 xxx


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