Old friends and new….

February 14th, 2012…

A visit to another friend’s today… more nurturing for me, how blessed am I?!

Today we visited Mummy’s friend, Jodie, and her lovely little Leila.  You and Leila are both bright and at times intense creatures and it was lovely to see you interacting and playing.  Leila was very good at sharing her toys with you. You were so excited by all the new things to play with that you were buzzing about all over the place!  Jodie is very creative so there were lots of arty opportunities 🙂

Jodie and Mummy have been friends since we were 3 years old!  That’s a loooooooooong time!  Our friendship has changed and grown over the years and I feel very lucky to have her in my life still.  I hope you have some precious friends like this to see you through, my Rubylove xxx

“Old friend, though our lives may change

and the years may come and go,

this friendship will remain.”

Nadia Sunde – The time of our lives.



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