Ruby said….

February 15th, 2012

Mostly a day around home… A sparky put a new ceiling fan into Ruby’s room, which is fab!  Wonderful Dondy came to clean wondows and screens, as part of a present to welcome our new one home when they arrive.  Ach, tearing up just writing that!

Things you’ve said….

R: Mummy’s knickienoonas (knickers)

Me: Yes, darling, that’s right.

R: Very big!!!

Whilst stepping over a fallen palm frond –

“Watch out for da pineapple!”

Ruby is found standing quietly in the corner…

Granny Chris (GC): What are you doing, Ruby?

R: Poo!

Ruby comes out of room…

GC: Did you do a poo Ruby? Shall we change your nappy?


GC: Well, what were you doing in the corner?

R: (slyly) Hiding!

In the shower with Daddy, shouting the names for certain body parts… Daddy cringing 🙂

Sitting eating breakfast at the dining table….

R: Mummy on Daddy!!! Mummy on Daddy!!

A: Pardon Ruby??

R: Put it away!!!

A: I swear if anyone is listening we are just eating bacon and eggs!!

Me: laughing a LOT!

Please keep making us laugh our funny girl!  It is so precious xox



3 thoughts on “Ruby said….

  1. So sweet. Great that you are keeping track of things she says. I must do that more with my boys. They are so cute when they start to talk, the way they pronounce words is adorable too. Love the cheeky grin and the bright clothing with the white sheets. Washing day is fun isn’t it 😉

    • Well, washing day is sort of fun… seems all washing days here! I imagine it’s triple that at your place!!
      Yes, her talking and pronunciation is charming and funny. I really need to keep track of more things too!

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