Bikie chick.

February 17th, 2012…

Morning around home…. came out to ‘foyer’ or ‘mudroom’ as Mum calls it, to find this….

No pants.  One shoe.  Favourite “seedseed” cuddly.

Rubygirl, found you playing by yourself for a bit this morning.  You had climbed on your trike and were wanting to go out riding.  This bike’s a bit big for you to ride yourself yet.  Mummy will get you one you can scoot around the deck on!  You don’t like to play by yourself much.  Preferring company that will do as you bid much more!!



4 thoughts on “Bikie chick.

  1. I just love how toddler’s minds work! The one shoe and no pants and ready to go is adorable. My little one feels the same way about company being better, can’t say I blame them!

    Sorry about the repeat, my email ended up on the wrong line if you could delete that one.

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