What, Mum?!

February 16th, 2012…

Quick trip out to Art Land at Indooroopilly in the morning to finally take a beautiful Aboriginal artwork we got for a wedding present, to be framed.  They were great, professional and friendly and knew their stuff re proper framing of precious pics etc.  They were also VERY understanding when Ruby had a little accident there!

Dondy and I were busy talking and tidying (nesting!) today and you suddenly scaled the side of your change table and sat up on it pulling out wipes, creams and powdering your legs!  You had already strewn a few nappies around the floor too.  You’ve never climbed up your change table before and I’ve wondered why as you like to climb and are pretty agile.  Not sure I want to encourage cream and powder parties though!  You were having a lot of fun up there… even dangling a leg over the side and “row row rowya boad”ing.  Mummy feels torn between wanting to keep you safe and allowing you to explore and adventure!

Smooches, cheeky monkey! xox


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