Eat your heart out, Matisse!

February 18th, 2012…

Didn’t adventure too far today.  Picked up a preloved dishwasher given us by a lovely friend… just have to knock a cupboard out in the kitchen now to fit in… and then probably sleep with the pots and pans because there’s nowhere else for them to go… 😉

My little artist, we got paints out for the first time for you today  and you really enjoyed it.  Mostly you enjoyed saturating the brushes and mixing the paints together…which was difficult for Mummy to just ‘let go’ and let you do.  I wanted to keep all the paints nice and separate… I had to bite my tongue and let you do your thing 🙂  You had painted this piece and pointed to it and said proudly “Ruby do it!”.   Painted soon evolved into running laps around the easel and brushing you head on the overhanging Tibouchina, with its lovely purple flowers.  Then you decided to paint your nails (and toes) blue  🙂

We spent a good while in the afternoon out in the back yard.  Daddy was gardening and you were splashing and playing in your little pool.  Mummy read her magazine and had her sore feet in your cool pool, which was so nice.  You were such a cute little nudie mermaid!   It made my heart very happy to all be together today ♥

I promise to try not to stifle your creative spirit little girl… pull me up on it if I do!!  xox


11 thoughts on “Eat your heart out, Matisse!

  1. Jinx! We had this very easel and paints out today! But I took too long rounding up brushes and paper so the kid chose to draw on the board with chalk instead. As evidenced by my 49/366. How’s that for co-incidence?!

    Also, if you look at toddler art as being ‘process’ orientated and not ‘product’ focussed, you’ll enjoy it more. There is a lot of learning going on when they are rubbing a dirty great big hole in the paper 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh. Me exactly with water colours. I am constantly hovering thinking “noooooo… don’t mix those colours! I cannot wait though till the kids are old enough to trust them with a nice set of watercolours. So glad you were able to just hold back, my hat off to you!

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