A beautiful Blessingway!

February 19th, 2012…

What a lovely Sunday!  I had my Blessingway at Mum & Dad’s house in the afternoon, surrounded by beautiful amazing women from all areas and times of my life.  I feel so loved and so lucky!!

Look at you, grubby guts!!  We spent Sunday morning at Dondy & PaRoy’s house doing some baking and prep for my Blessingway in the afternoon.  I had made some FODMAP friendly cupcakes… and guess who got to lick the beaters and the bowl???  You had a great time licking and getting gooey batter everywhere!  The whole bowl even ended up over your head, which made Dondy and I laugh (as discretely as we could!).

I had a beautiful afternoon tea, surrounded by amazing women.  All of them so smart, so strong and so wonderful in their own way.  You and I are a lucky girls to be part of such a circle of women, my darling Ruby.  I hope you can make and find amazing support in a circle of your own as you grow and blossom into womanhood (not too fast at that though!!).



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