Things I swore I would never do as a parent, # 63…

February 20th, 2012…

Before I became a parent there were things I thought I would do… and NOT do…. using TV to distract/child mind/entertain, was one of the latter…. Have recently done so and have a conflicting inner dialogue going on about it! 😉

“Want to watch some Wiggles” you told me this morning… and I agreed, without much hesitation.  So here you and Seedseed are, nude, munching corn puffs and slightly mesmerised!  It was a stinking hot morning, we’d been outside and had some play time and a splash under the tap…. but inside you either wanted “Mummy tuddles” or Wiggles!  Let me just say that I adore giving you cuddles, but in these last days of pregnancy and the sticky heat, it’s hard to carry you around at the moment!!!

It’s an old Wiggles DVD lent us by Tion and your favourite songs are ‘Shalom’ and ‘Everybody Dancing’.  The latter will have you rush to find me if I have gone out of the room to do something!

Fortunately at the moment you believe me when I say the TV has to stay off or The Wiggles have gone away for a while!  Let’s hope that lasts!  🙂



8 thoughts on “Things I swore I would never do as a parent, # 63…

  1. At least it made for a ridiculously cute photo op! 🙂
    My daughter loves music and dancing, so she’d be just as transfixed as your little guy with the Wiggles. And I so hear you on the too hot for cuddles. I love cuddles, but can it be winter already so she doesn’t boil me alive? lol

  2. Such a cute photo :-))

    oh yes the things we were never going to do or let our kids get away with 😉

    My almost 3.5 year old still believes when I tell him the TV is broken (=unplugged). He then normally says that we either have to go and buy new batteries or a new TV ;-))

  3. Darling, there are some days where you just have to say “sure you can”. And that was one of those days. Forgive yourself and don’t give it a second thought………you are a wonderful Mum! x x
    PS The TV thing just gets worse!!

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