Platypus meets the Tomblimboos!

February 21st, 2012…

Ah, what a funny ol’ day today… Grizzly toddler, heat, heavy tired pregnant Mumma… yippee-aye-ayyyy….

I think what summed it up perfectly was the hot sweaty delivery man who came to our door late in the day, after I can only assume running back and forth from his truck all day, saying “Geez!! You look exhausted!!”… Yes.  Hello, that’s me…

This photo is a bit all over the place and slightly out of focus, which really sums up our day!  It started out well with a short visit from Granny Chris on her way through from… somewhere (?!) to Vanuatu for work.  Generally went downhill from there though, culminating in you giving your head an almighty crack on Dondy & PaRoy’s deck when we went round to say Happy Birthday to Asher….

So a moment of delight in the day.  Mumma sitting down briefly, talking all thing “in da nigh’ gar-den” with you and you introducing your new platypus to the Tombliboos!  I think he then went on to meet Upsy Daisy… and she probably kissed him and danced for him being the girl she is 😉

Tomorrow is a new day, my darling girl!! xxx


One thought on “Platypus meets the Tomblimboos!

  1. Good for you having such a positive attitude through it all! Being pregnant in the summer can be so hard, I hope you’re able to sit down more tomorrow, put your feet up, and have a cold drink.

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