Wobbedee je-yee….

February 22nd, 2012…

That translates as Wobbly Jelly 🙂

Which is not a comment about the state I feel I am in at 38 weeks pregnant, but Ruby’s lunch….

Chops, yesterday you asked me for jelly… so we made some and you were entirely unimpressed that we had to wait for it to set and I wouldn’t just let you drink it then and there!  So today at lunch you asked for “wobbedee je-yee”… It did mean I got you to eat all of your healthy stuff first and then you played in the jelly 🙂   I’d be happy for you to have it all the time, just to hear you say it!!

Love, your wobbedee Mumma xox



7 thoughts on “Wobbedee je-yee….

  1. Oh so cute – jelly is so fun to make and eat – and the wait is good for patience, heehee! love the amber necklace too! congrats on 38 wks… im guessing we will have some gorgeous newborn pics very soon 🙂 take it easy in the last few days (as you can!)

  2. Aww, she looks so cute waiting to dig in! I love finding good bargaining tactics. I can’t seem to find anything that will work to bribe my daughter to eat her dinner at the moment, maybe I should try jelly!
    Wow, 38 weeks, how exciting, so close! Good luck!

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