Jungle gym…

February 25th, 2012…

Well, I’ve been in nesting mode today… fortunately my darling husband has too, so there was a lot done… even though we both had hopes for more!  It’s only 10.27pm, surely there’s time for more after this…?!

Well, here you are using the change table as your jungle gym!  Mummy (& Daddy) were in ‘get things done!’ mode today and you were feeling a bit put out by the lack of entertainment I think.  So, when I sat down on the floor to clean the change table and emptied the bottom shelf, you took it upon yourself to climb in… and head first out!   Several times… the up side of that was less dust on the table to clean…. but more on the carpet 😉

Shortly after this, Daddy told you he was going to change your nappy… that never goes down well and off you ran to hide!

You’re our very cheeky monkey 🙂 xxx


4 thoughts on “Jungle gym…

  1. I can remember the time we were preparing the things for our lovely Lina! Max was totally enthusiastic because we were watching pictures at the same time where we were preparing the stuff for his arrival.

    Cute photos, Karen!

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