Over my shoulder…

February 26th, 2012….

Busy day, some more nesting, probably too little resting….  I went to a Baby shower for a lovely friend.  Bought Ruby her first doll… it is to be a present from the new baby so Ruby has a baby too…  I tell you what though, getting that doll out of the box was harder than giving birth to Ruby!!  What’s with all the metal ties and tabs etc???!

Munchicken, I was sitting writing a card (novel) for my friend today and you decided you had to get up on the chair behind me.  You were chewing pegs, then insisted you had to have your hat on, then gave me a back scratch (must encourage this!)… all the while, wobbling around and worrying me you were going to fall off the chair!

You made me laugh today when I gave you a tiny little plastic doll I found, about the size of your thumb, and you brought it over to me for me to give it susu (breastfeed)!

I swear you know something is going on and share my feeling of imminence about the birth coming…. you’ve been wanting Mummy tuddles a lot and were very hard to settle tonight….

Dadda says I MUST go to bed… it is 1130pm, but I don’t want to get behind with this! Nighty night xxxx



2 thoughts on “Over my shoulder…

  1. Such a lovely post! I know this very well… Max was more affectionate before Lina´s birth. I´m sure they feel there is something going on…
    All the best for you all!
    I´m looking forward too hearing from your new baby then!

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