Objects in the rearview mirror…

February 27th, 2012…

We had a visit to the RBWH Birth Centre this morning, to have a check up with one of our lovely midwives.  All good, head down! I am having loads of contractions, all painless… and those lovely little electrical shocks in my ‘gina (TMI??!). The body is preppin’ 🙂

I looked in the rearview today little girl and this was what I saw… a ‘groovy baby’ clutching her Seedseed and sucking away on her thumb!  It was a big day… up until today you have still been rear facing in the car… it’s safer to rear face for as long as possible, so we did!  BUT today we had the capsule put in for your baby brother/sister and so your seat was moved to behind the driver…facing forwards!  You loved sitting upright, looking out the window and being able to see things and tell us about them!  You especially loved it this morning when Daddy drove and I was in the passenger seat and we were able to see each other easily!

Having the baby capsule in the car is making it all very real!  I wonder what you will think of sitting in the back with your new sibling??  I am looking forward to watching you grow and play together!

Love you, love, Mama xx


8 thoughts on “Objects in the rearview mirror…

    • So hard to imagine her being the big sister! I know she will seem so big though when the baby does arrive 🙂
      I’m feeling really positive about the Birth Centre….just a different experience after having homebirth with Ruby… looking forward to it though!

  1. ohh gorgeous shot and oh the excitment of new baby to come! YAY for rear facing, so good huh, yes we tried to keep our two RFing as long as we could too. Ruby will be a doting big sister too, Im sure! love birthcentres too, ive been through ours twice. just being nosy, but what made you decide to have a birth centre birth after a home birth? Anyhoo – im sure your birth will be beautifiul and great to hear your body is already preppin – my births were the same, lots of pre labour – then very fast actual labour! yay for that 😉

    • Yes, here’s to a fast (but not too furious) labour! As terrible as it may sound a large portion of our decision to use the Birth Centre (aside from all the positive stuff we have heard!) is that it is free…. we couldn’t find the pennies for homebirth this time. If we had them we would have done it again as our experience last time, despite Ruby coming out bum first, was all positive!

      • oh that is fair enough for sure! i admit im tempted to try a home birth (if we have another!) as i think they are wonderful but as the birth centre is also so fantastic and er…free… I havent been able to justify the huge extra cost. Oh just wrote that and realised actually i did have a home birth w my 2nd but unplanned – he just came quick 🙂 anyway – would love to read yoru birth story for Ruby if its posted?? Im sure your birth centre birth will be so wonderful esp as you are so expereinced and relaxed from a home birth, they can just leave you to it 🙂

        • That’s funny, about your unexpected home birth! Do you know, I haven’t written Ruby’s birth story, I wanted to, but had some bits to process in my head first. I will get to it and I thought I would do a post when I do 🙂 Gawd, hopefully I am relaxed!!!

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