Ahhhhhhaaahhhafternoon delight ♥

March 2nd, 2012….

Had a play date with Rach, Hannah and Maxie in the morning, which was lovely.  Then wonderful osteopath appointment with the brilliant Dr Rebecca Winston.

Cheeky girl, while I was at the Osteopath this afternoon, you went to play at your Grandies house with your cousin Asher.  You two adore each other and whip each other into excited frenzies at times!  Asher is 3 months older than you, but quite a bit bigger and some enthusiastic hugs have seen you flattened.  You’re starting to do a little argybargy yourself now at times, so there is also a bit of refereeing required when you’re playing 🙂  Mostly you are gorgeous together though and it was delightful just sitting and watching you two nudie cuties run around today!

Asher, Unky G & Aunty ‘rie will be living very close to us very soon and we can’t wait!  Maybe you and Ash will be up to sleep overs before too long… and that will be FUN, won’t it?!


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