Mor-wah ice!

February 28th, 2012…

Nope, didn’t have a baby today.  This was the day I’d had in my head, for no logical reason!  But I did have a really good day….  Rubes went to Dondy and PaRoy’s for the day, whilst I nested and lunched 🙂

Rubes and the special ice cup!

Some ice munching cheekiness…

Ruby with Em and Ed ♥

Rubyroo, you had a lovely day with your Dondy and PaRoy today!  You love their big deck and the cubby house.  You also love all of the loving, silly & stimulating attention you get from them.  Under PaRoy’s tutelage you (and your cousin Asher) are turning into bird ID experts before our eyes (and ears!).

When I came to get you this afternoon you were hanging out on the deck with your Grandies and Aunty Merle and Uncle Les, some special friends of your Dondy and PaRoy’s.  And then some more precious family friends, Sandy & Rob (Mummy’s ‘Em’ & ‘Ed’ – English Mum and English Dad) arrived too!  You were happily showing off for everyone (saying your ABCs and spelling your name) and pointing to them and saying “who dat one?” so I could name them all for you…. your little voice repeating after me “Untle Les” “Unty Merl” “PaRob” & “NannySandy”.

You made your usual request for “morwah Ice!”.  You have a special little cup there that you love having filled from the icemaker on the fridge and you will just sit and munch it all up, often requesting refills!  I wonder if this fetish will dissipate once Summer is through?!



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